Please don’t make me break my NDA

One of the challenging things about working in strategy outside of an ad agency is talking about your work online. You can’t easily point to anything (like an ad) because usually you’re just getting paid to think about stuff clients are curious about, or helping tweak some random internal process. And more often than not it’s covered under a million different NDAs that make it even harder to talk about. One solution? Just make a list of all the questions clients have asked you.

So. Here are some questions clients have asked me (or a team I’ve been on) to answer*:

What’s the cultural meaning of liberation?
If we wanted to fix the American education system, where would we start?
How is philanthropy changing for young people? What makes them give?
What does ‘leadership’ mean to teenagers and how is that different from other generations?
How is technology going to affect sports over the next ten years?
What does confidence mean to South African men?
How do we get people to care about elephants?
Why won’t anyone open our junk mail?
What makes people buy private label products?
How do we talk about cryptocurrency without sounding super douchey?
What does comfort mean to consumers - both physically and emotionally?
How do people eat snacks?
How do we make people less afraid of nuclear energy?
What should we call this new (tech device/internal platform/cell phone product)?
What’s the most interesting thing about fibre internet?
How can we make people care about ancient history?
What does entrepreneurship mean to the wealthiest people in the world?

*In case you’re curious, these questions came from clients across a bunch of sectors,
but primarily from tech, financial services, FMCG, alcohol, and non-profit.