Product naming, retail journey mapping, digital AV

Superunion • Cape Town, SA



Banking in South Africa is leaps and bounds ahead of the American banking system. Banks often inadvertently serve as tech companies, with internal teams focused on product development and innovation, as well as arms of the business dedicated to strategic acquisitions of startups developing novel tech. 

There’s no better example than Standard Bank, one of South Africa’s big four bank brands, and the continent’s biggest lender. The business is constantly evolving with a vision for being the best bank on the continent, driving Africa’s growth and delivering the best value and experience of any competitor. With this in mind Standard Bank briefed us in on dozens of projects, several of which I looked after the strategy for. 

The Work

Two of the larger briefs from the year were product naming exercises, developing names for two new products the brand will soon be launching. The existing naming methodology employed by the agency was built to be robust and thorough, but it had two major blindspots: efficiency and collaboration. Both briefs required significant buy-in from stakeholders and had to be executed on an insanely quick turnaround, neither of which was feasible given our current process. I developed a new methodology for naming that optimized for these two things while also making sure the output was as strong as that of our global toolkit. 

The bank also asked us to help reimagine their retail banking experience as part of a broader product innovation project the business was working on. After onboarding ourselves to the new product, we developed profiles based on consumer needs inside the banking environment. We then took these profiles and built out experiential use cases for retail banking - a tough challenge, as they had to reflect the security and legal requirements banks have to fulfill, as well as follow a priority system for different types of banking challenges. This helped the client understand the way their MVP would be brought to life in-store.

Toward the end of the year, the bank approached us asking for help with developing a digital AV to promote a suite of banking tools for consumers. We partnered with one of our sister agencies to develop a concept; they liked it so much they asked us to turn it into a year-long digital campaign, which will launch later this year. 

My role, specifically

  • Redeveloped local naming methodology

  • Strategy lead for product naming

  • Consumer research, profile development, global best practice and journey mapping development

  • Strategy lead for digital AV concepting