Understanding snacking behavior to develop a new product.

Kantar Consulting • New York, NY



Pladis is a global confectionary company. You may know them better by some of the brands they own: McVitie’s, Godiva, and Carr’s to name a few. The business was interested in better understanding how people snack, ultimately with an eye towards new product development. 

The Work

We conducted primary qualitative to better understand snacking behavior and consumption moments, as well as supporting research on best-in-class category examples (for both product innovation and brand). This led to the development of a demand framework for new product development, with prioritized opportunity areas based on global and local preferences. Ultimately, we used these opportunity areas to initiate the development of a new brand for the business. 

My role, specifically

  • primary qualitative: moderating online communities

  • Secondary desk research: best practice/case study development