See You Soon

It took all of nine months, but my visa came through last week. I leave tomorrow, which is a very funny thing to write. It's been a really fun six months in (mostly) Richmond, and I'm genuinely sad to leave. That said, it's very much time go. 

I have always found this song - dedicated to a friend of Ben Folds who planned to crash with him for a night and ended up staying for so long that Folds wrote this song to lovingly tell him it was time to go - to be pretty amusing, because the antagonist and I share a name, and, unlike him, I have a massive fear of overstaying my welcome. So the idea of someone writing a song to tell me to get the fuck out of their house has always been very funny to me. 

And yet, in a way, that's been the story for me since September. So I'm pretending that this is the city of Richmond singing to me, telling me to get the fuck out of here, to which I'll happily oblige.

See you soon.