10 Ways to Learn About a New Place

1. Go grocery shopping with someone from the area.
2. Interact with public services (ride the bus, go to the doctor, open a bank account, etc.)
3. Read local magazines. Lots of different kinds.
4. Talk to you Uber driver.
5. Listen to local radio at a time other than rush hour/drive time.
6. Go to a comedy club. See what's considered offensive.
7. Sit in the same place for a few hours without your phone.
8. Find a place to eat without using Yelp or TripAdvisor or a "best of" list. 
9. Ask people opinions about where they're from.
10. Pay attention while you queue/wait in line.

My Bookshelf, v1

When it comes to reading, I've always opted for articles over books. I'm not sure that's a good thing: online reading often illuminates the things happening in the world, but literature unearths the context it happens in. I want more of the latter, and I've made a concerted effort this year to read more offline. More specifically, I'm trying for a book/week, and as of the first week of May, I'm on track! 

Here's what my list looks like thus far.

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See You Soon

It took all of nine months, but my visa came through last week. I leave tomorrow, which is a very funny thing to write. It's been a really fun six months in (mostly) Richmond, and I'm genuinely sad to leave. That said, it's very much time go. 

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Jan 2018: The Outset

I'm always surprised by how quickly life seems to change. It's a bit like when you're driving on the interstate and you realize you've zoned out for the past little while and you're suddenly 50 miles farther down the road. Every so often I'll catch myself in that same state, roused from the unconscious meandering of the day-to-day to realize that life isn't the same since last I looked up.

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