I’m a brand strategist working in NYC. Prior to that, I was a self-serious theatre kid with chronically bad haircuts. I also used to teach kids how to ballroom dance.

I studied at Elon University for undergrad and briefly worked for Starbucks. I started doing video work on the side, originally for a camp in Colorado.

I went to grad school at VCU Brandcenter to study brand strategy. I spent a summer in SF living with friends in a nightmare house while interning with VBP Orange - primarily on brand strategy for a fintech startup. I also freelanced for Nike, Bacardi, and NOLS, plus a bunch of small businesses throughout the US. During my second year of grad school, I followed a band around the southern US to study how people behave in live music venues with my friend Sam.

After I finished at Brandcenter, I joined the WPP Fellowship and moved to New York. I started at a research consultancy doing innovation, qual and brand work for IKEA, Clorox, Capital One and more. I also started sending out a monthly reading list and taking costume parties seriously.

Last year, I moved to Cape Town and started working at a brand consultancy for my next stint with the Fellowship. I developed the brand strategy for two new non-profits, and spent the rest of the year doing research on retail innovation and leading naming, positioning, and brand activation projects for Jameson, Standard Bank, Luno and more. I hiked a lot, met an elephant, and started a book club.

I’m still into the costume thing. I have a very ugly dog.


You can see my resume here.